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Our Services

Our services are as follows:


  • Office furniture
  • Office stationery
  • Cleaning materials and cleaning equipment’s
  • Industrial and PPE clothing
  • Company and School Uniforms
  • General machinery parts
  • Hardware Products
  • First Aid Kits & H&S signage
  • Office accessories, Plants & flowers



  • Distribution of goods/Equipment’s/Stationery around SA



  • Building Industry servicing
  • Environmental servicing-Street/ Town beautification
  • Office furniture and equipment servicing


Maintenance & Repairs:

  • Construction works (Fittings and repairing)
  • Town/Street/Company yard Beautification maintenance
  • Building maintenance and repairs
  • Equipment’s maintenance and repairs



  • Import and Export (Importing and exporting goods, machineries, clothes, etc.


Locally and overseas

  • Clearing and forwarding
  • Hiring of Trucks for deliveries locally and around Africa.
  • Air flight Bookings, Accommodation and Car hire


Technical Support Services

G & I HOLDINGS technical support team is to be headed by experts who serve as the company’s service specialists and consultants. Thus ensuring that clients receive better services during and after service delivery.


Human Resources

Of paramount importance is our investment in human resources which is critical for excellence and maximum output. We continually endeavor to maintain and exceed delivery standards by upgrading our systems, constant training and improving skills knowledge levels. By this, our competition poses no threat to the profitability of the business. Only experienced employees with the necessary qualifications, expertise and experience are associated with G & I HOLDINGS.


Critical Success Factors

Our critical success factors of include the following;

  • Understanding the market and providing what they need
  • Implementing continuous process improvement initiatives.
  • Understanding the clients business and requirements.
  • Building good relations with clients.
  • Continuous monitoring of all clients and the outcomes of services rendered until a success story is realized.